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Germany DNA Project

Dieses Home Page auf Deutsch

This genetic genealogy project for German (Deutsch) ancestry will be open to any direct male Y-DNA or direct female line mtDNA person with earliest known ancestry source within Germany.

There are two separate projects:  one for the paternal line (Y DNA) and one for the maternal line (mtDNA).

The goals are to assemble in a public place a region/area grouped and sorted representation of German ancestral DNA and associated surnames and haplogroups for genetic genealogy purposes. This site was created on 3 Dec 2005 and will be updated frequently.

The German-speaking area of Europe has always been a crossroad of various ethnic and cultural groups throughout history. This project would like to collect and analyze all of the different genetic contributions of all people whose native language was at some point in the past, or is in the present, German. Thus, everyone whose native language is now German, as well as everyone who can trace, or strongly suspects this, his direct male (patrilinear) or his/her female (matrilinear) line of descent to an ancestor who lived in the German speaking areas, or whose native language was German, is cordially invited to join this project.
For questions in English, please contact Steve or DirkDirk also answers questions in German.

There may be established some other specific geographical area projects somewhat similar to this except they are focused on a specific area within and around Germany. Please look at all the existing geographical FTDNA projects before deciding which one(s) to join.

If you wish to order a paternal line (Y-chromosome) DNA test and join the Germany-YDNA Project, please click HERE

If you wish to order only an mtDNA test and join the Germany-mtDNA project, please click HERE.

In your join request, please provide the following information to the project administrator for inclusion at this web site:

Note:  If you have already been tested by FTDNA or are in the FTDNA system by transferring your data from the National Geographic Society Genographic Project, go to your personal account page at FTDNA and click on the Join Projects link on the left and select the Germany project.

In case you have yourself already tested via the Genographic Project, please log into your GP account, go to the section at the bottom of the page labeled "What else can I do with my Results?" and click on the "Learn More" Link to follow the simple instructions to establish an account at FamilyTreeDNA. Since FT-DNA does the DNA testing for the Genographic Project, opening an account with them so that you can study your DNA in more detail is the most logical thing to do. There is no charge for doing this.


Other Germany-oriented projects and our Germany DNA web site at FTDNA may be found by clicking on this link: Related Projects.

You must agree that results of the test will be allowed to be posted at this Germany Project web site.

It is recommended that you also join your specific surname project.

Donations to our Project's General Fund are very welcome. Please enter "Germany-Y-DNA" in the "Surname Project" line. We want to thank all people who have donated for their generosity. Click here to donate.

All funds collected are only used to order marker upgrades or deep-clade haplogroup tests for members whose DNA is of special interest to the project, but who cannot afford to pay the complete cost of the test.

Other useful links:

Germany Genealogy Resources on the Web

Our Facebook group

Our Google+ community

Project Administrators:

Dirk - Steve Dilks

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Project Statistics


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